Creaturesque - Album Art Direction and Photography

      The second Throw Me The Statue record - Creaturesque.  Please click here for a PDF of this design's different panels and elements.

     I art directed the packaging, licensing the cover's photo from Swiss Photographer Giasco Bertoli. I used my own photography for the back cover and interiors of the packaging, and the poster insert.

     The photos I picked were intentionally suggestive of a jungle, of something mysterious and exciting; where creatures might live, or perhaps where a party had recently ended.  The album was a bit more grown up than the first in its lyrical perspective, and so this felt like a strong direction in which to take the imagery.  The photos as a whole presented a cryptic, collective meaning, depicting images of a totem pole in Washington State, a deserted pool in Switzerland, a forest in Kyoto, a hotel in Acapulco, and an abandoned vacation home in Guam.

     Graphic designer Daniel Murphy at Secretly Canadian Records did final template layout and Jess Merrill consulted on the typefaces and overall layout. Released August 2009.