Come Back the app

    Just when you feel like you're starting to make a comeback, sometimes things slip through your fingers.  What if there were an app that could give you a second chance?  Come Back - the app for missed connections.

   I co-directed the video with Regina Sofia Cantu de Alba and Nouf Aljowaysir, and I edited and scored the piece.

Marble Mouth Trailer

     I was enlisted by my label Polyvinyl Records to create a promotional video trailer featuring my behind-the-scenes footage that would peak the viewer's interest in my most recent work, the album Marble Mouth.

     Using the material that I'd been shooting during my 3 month decamp to the American South, I wanted to create a frenetic piece of montage to tease the story of the album’s creation.  I edited footage from this early 2015 sojourn to New Orleans and Athens, Georgia.  I wanted to create a cryptic and dynamic piece that would leave the viewer intrigued and wanting more.  I included scenes from the recording sessions as well as some culturally referential nods to the Mardi Gras Indians and streets of New Orleans.

     The most interesting thing I learned from making this was how short the clips could be yet still tell a story.  The montage’s finale crescendos in a breathless flurry of images, and I think it leaves a surreal and exciting impression upon the viewer.