"Our Future With Books" - Microsoft Design Expo 17

Challenge:  "Design a product that demonstrates the value and differentiation of Mixed Reality that takes into consideration environment, objects and people.  It should meet a clear need and be extensible to wider applications."  - Microsoft Research

It was an exciting and educational trip out to Microsoft headquarters to participate in Design Expo 17.  After being chosen by ITP faculty and Microsoft Researchers to represent NYU at the Expo, we were incredibly jazzed to meet the winning teams from the other great design grad programs and see some of what goes on at Microsoft Research.  While we are not allowed to discuss most of what we saw there, suffice it to say that Microsoft is creating very forward thinking mixed reality designs and visions for a connected world.  Their pioneering work on Hololens and digital assistants will certainly create spaces in which designers like ourselves can make products and software that take advantage of the strong capabilities of these hardwares and platforms.  Huge thanks to Mike Dory and Oscar Murillo, who have been enormously generous with their time and mentorship throughout this process.  Below is the video from our final presentation, and here is the link to the Design Expo 17 site.

Our team of Cristobal Valenzuela, Daniella Garcia, Kenzo Nakamura, Alejandro Matamala, Juan Jose Egusquiza and myself was fortunate to win the ITP Design Expo contest, and we will now travel to Microsoft's Seattle area headquarters in July to present our Augmented Reality concept alongside teams from MIT Media Lab, Carnegie Mellon, Art Center, RCA, and others.  Here is a link to our group's website documenting the research and concept development.  Below is the product video "Our Futures With Books."

And here is the full video of our group's final presentation at ITP this April.  I speak about our research and concept at 1:20 and 9:28.