Ear to the Ground - Narrative Audio piece

In this piece, a month of research into the acoustic ecology and soundscapes of the soil food web culminated in a 6 loudspeaker room installation.  Here is the stereo summed version.  It was fascinating speaking with experts like Dr. David Dunn and learning about the foundational work of R Murray Schaefer, and blending those voices with my score and sound design elements which include recordings of insects made inside an anechoic chamber.

Looking For Basquiat - Narrative Audio piece

 In this piece of stereo sound design storytelling I made a nonfiction soundwalk in which I go searching for the grave of the painter Jean-Michel Basquiat.  

  In this sketch I use field recordings taken from the walk between my apartment and Greenwood Cemetery using the Sony-PCM M10.   I recorded my piece of narration using a Shure Beta 57A.   I incorporated panning, compression, eq, convolution reverb and the Waves Kramer tape delay into the presentation of these elements.  On the master channel I used the Waves L1 Limiter plugin.

  I also used some pieces of music I made, one with a xylophone.  One uses re-pitched samples of an old soul song, and one uses my electric guitar run through a loop pedal before it gets crushed in a Distressor. Mixed in Ableton Live.

Tahlequah - Audio Book Sound Design + Original Score

     Here is the pilot episode of Tahlequah, an in-development audiobook adaptation of Sam Beebe's dark and intensely personal novel.  Beebe is an NYU Professor in the Expository Writing Program, and this will be his debut novel + audiobook.

    I engineered the recordings and produced a variety of pieces that fill out my original score - building a spatial, instrumental soundscape that engages with the haunting nature of the story through an ambient and hip-hop-inflected lens and elements of sound design.


"The Bells" - Theme Song

     Here is the theme song I made for the project, titled "The Bells."  This theme music opens each episode of the audiobook.  I needed to make something dark and mysterious to fit the project, so I digitally pitched down some samples of bells and used them to create melodic lines that imbue this song with it's ominous color.

The project:

Tahlequah is a literary and musical audio project: A non-fiction narrative performed by its author and characters with an original musical soundscape. It will be released serially, over 8-10 episodes, and afterwards as an audiobook album, followed by the publication of a printed book that would contain additional material, including photos, letters, news articles, and other documents associated with the narrative.

The story:

On August 21st, 1964, in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, the author’s father’s mother, Dorothy, died a mysterious, unnatural death. The official story was that she committed suicide by putting her head in the oven, but evidence suggests that she may have been murdered by her second husband, David. Despite the evidence, David was never convicted. Tahlequah is an investigation that attempts to unbury the truth about Dorothy’s death.