Dreamin' - Music Video

     The director Jacob Krupnick from Wild Combination of NYC and I set out to make a short musical film set to my song "Dreamin'" that outdoes the typical conventions of a music video.  

     Krupnick and I collaborated on a treatment that was loosely narrative and highly visual.  We envisioned a dreamlike winter wonderland juxtaposed with crowd scenes from NYC that would illuminate the song's serene yet boisterous qualities.Poster design - Pillar Point

     The crew used a MOVI stabilizer with a RED video camera to make vivid the slow-motion experience of moving through rural and civic spaces.  We enlisted the modern dancer Daisuke Omiya as our film's principal character, whose unique style of hip hop-meets-ballet was an impactful and impressionistic visual component.  I created a new edit of the song with an extended introduction section in order to give the film's story more time to develop.

     Acknowledged by Vimeo's Editorial Staff as a "Vimeo Staff Pick" after debuting on VICE Media's Noisey site, the short film has accrued more than 1.4 million views.

Dove - Music Video


   Again partnering with the brilliant Jacob Krupnick from Wild Combination of NYC, we concepted a video for "Dove," the single from my new album "Marble Mouth" on Polyvinyl Records.  While we agreed that pursuing kinetic movement and supreme dance moves was our priority, we also wanted to make a piece that subverted the suggested gender roles of the characters contained within the song's lyrics so as to promote inclusivity and same love.  Jacob was also interested to shoot outside of the US, as we had used NYC and the Hudson Valley as settings for the "Dreamin'" video.

     He took the crew and our lead -- dancer/artist/activist Kia Labeija -- to Bogotá, Colombia for 5 days and returned with the wonderful footage that became our video.  The juxtaposition of Bogotá's vibrant, rustic visuals with Kia's New York Vogues dancing was a winning combination.

     The Creator's Project debuted the video and gave a glowing write-up, and from that point on we were fortunate to have a handful of other great sites cover it as well.  

     ---> http://thecreatorsproject.vice.com/blog/kia-labeija-music-video-pillar-point