Mobile App Development - Art Direction + Photography

     I partnered with the creative thinkers at Mob Base, a Silicon Valley start-up making mobile app templates, and graphic designer Jess Merrill, to design an app for my musical project Throw Me The Statue.  I supplied the photography that became the backgrounds of the pages within the app, and Merrill and I collaborated on some custom navigation links and layout which helped us personalize Mob Base's template.  It was similar to when I art directed and supplied the photography for Throw Me Statue's website, but on this project I needed our fans to interact with my photos/videos/blogging through the interface of their phone.  The challenge was unique: what will motivate users to download an app on their phone by a band that they like?  Ultimately, we accumulated hundreds of downloads and allowed fans access to exclusive video and music content alongside all of our social media outlets collected under one stylish roof.

     In 2012, due to the good response of our "band app with a personal touch," I was invited along with the founders of Mob Base by the Intel Corporation to take part on-stage in Intel President Renée James' keynote address at their annual IDF Conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.  The opportunity to do an onstage demo of our app alongside James was a real honor, and Throw Me The Statue was also hired to perform for the few thousand attendees and worldwide webcast viewers just prior to the start of the keynote.

     Below are images of the app's thumbnail + photography used as backgrounds, and of the Intel IDF in which I took part.  There's also a video of our IDF Keynote segment.  Click images to enlarge.