Chromatik - MIDI Controller Concept Design

 + Please click here to view the explanatory PDF of this design concept and storyboard for a MIDI controller I call the Chromatik.

     As a professional electronic musician, the concept plays off of my frustrations with commonly available MIDI pad controllers.  The connection between humans and devices often comes down to the hand.   I seek to use the successful examples of the computer products like the mouse and trackball as evidence that ergonomic, handheld devices are more fun and engaging ways to bridge the gap between human creativity and a computer.

     Chromatik also addresses a larger issue - creators need singularly focused tools that help us break free from stagnation and writer's block.  Electronic music production suites offer massive amounts of soft synthesizers, plug-in effects, and arraingment capabilities -- often a great thing!  Until the moment (often during ideation) that we freeze under the weight of all that choice, becoming roadblocks to our own creativity.