Brooks Brothers + Vanity Fair promos - Original Scores

+ Note: The music is a bit low in the mix for these videos, so below them I've included embeds of just my score if you'd like to hear it more clearly. +

     Commissioned by Wild Combination of NYC to create a contemplative, warm and classic musical score, I composed a more cinematic feeling piece for this Brooks Brothers + Vanity Fair spot. The subject of the piece describes his upbringing in Western Massachusetts, a reference which I took to imbue a certain folk aesthetic and gentle pacing to this track. I think it turned out great, probably my favorite of the three Vanity Fair + Brooks Brothers promos that I collaborated on.

     This piece had to fit an edit of a TV Producer telling his Brooks Brothers story. 

     The reference points I was given were stylish, happy, and classic. The resulting piece has elements of Talking Heads, contemporary baroque-pop, and hip hop, which I think compliment his LA and NYC anecdotes.